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A MIL Project

MIL stands for Media and Information Literacy. That’s where the second part of our company name comes from. Surely in school you were taught how to read and write when you were five or six? But were you taught anything about how to use your first phone or tablet? No, we’re not talking about using programs or playing around with apps. We’re talking about how we consume and engage with content: how we gather information, look something up on Google, make a purchase on Amazon, choose a film on Netflix, or simply scroll through social media.

At Criteriomil, we want you to have a healthy relationship with technology. We help you to enhance your skills so as to make the most of all the benefits that technology has to offer, and to help reduce the risks involved too. It’s your decision to use the internet while at the same time knowing exactly what that entails. It’s your informed decision.

Un proyecto mil, por Mariaje González Flor


Just one goal

To develop the competencies and skills needed to really understand and make use of new methods of communication, search engines and social networks while also improving our critical thinking.

Mariaje González Flor

About me

In a nutshell

My name is Mariaje González Flor. I’ve been creating and managing digital content for 20 years, with the final 10 years spent at Microsoft. I left the company at the end of 2020 to focus on my career in media, information and digital literacy. The main reason for this career change was to get involved in helping to build a society of critical thinkers, filled with curious minds that question what technology has to offer.

In addition to being the Founding Director of Criteriomil, I also work independently on other projects. Recently, I was elected as Co-Secretary General of Media and Information Literacy Alliance of UNESCO (2023-2025). I’m also the advisor to Alfa-media, the organbloqisation committed to promoting and developing media literacy across Spain.

My professional career began as a journalist, where I witnessed first-hand the arrival of the internet to traditional media (El País, Ser, etc.). Later, at Microsoft, I oversaw video and entertainment content, and managed the monetisation of Microsoft News. During this time, I was responsible for the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (advertising, cookies, branded content, algorithms, etc.) into all of the tech giant’s content. I can therefore safely say that, overall, I have an extremely holistic view of digital content.

It’s thanks to my decade-long experience as Project Manager in a multinational that I’ve developed great organisational, communication and management skills. I’ve given international conferences and trainings to very diverse audiences, especially during my time as Diversity & Inclusion Lead at Microsoft News (Seattle, Mexico, Munich, etc.).

And not forgetting the kids! I’m also mother to two adolescent children.

Any question?

Tell us your idea and we will find the way to work together.