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Cookies policy

A cookie is a piece of data stored on a user’s hard drive when they visit certain websites. They help to monitor the user’s activity online. The cookies used on this website record anonymous information that cannot be associated with an individual person, and they do not provide any of the user’s personal data.

On, we use cookies for monitoring users’ activity on the website. However, these cookies are only used by the website owner or for the following services/service providers:

Google Analytics: a web analytics service that uses cookies to monitor Criteriomil’s website traffic. You can review the service’s privacy policy here.

Users can manage their browser settings in order to be notified about or to reject to cookies being installed on their device.

You do not need to accept the installation of cookies sent by, or any third party acting in its name, in order to be able to use this website. Moreover, you won’t be required to log in for each of the services where prior registration is needed.